Wednesday, June 23, 2010

How to Find Your One True Love

From the best selling author Bo Sanchez, here comes another life-changing work.
Some people, especially women, stayed being single and miserable because of these major reasons:
·Wrong beliefs we have got from the religious leaders.
·Insane principles we have got from friends and family.
·Nutty ideas we have got from the media.
Things would possibly change if we take the responsibility to ourselves to move forward.
According to Bo Sanchez, here are the eight steps to fulfill on how to find your one true love:
1.Take responsibility for finding your one true love: You cannot blame God if you have the wrong choice since it is your choice. But, you should know first the God’s will for your life. Discerning God’s will is not about consulting to an oracle. It is about making decisionss in perfect timing by trusting God.

2. Know what is stopping you insided: Identify first your internal hindrances and fears. If you find a breakage from them, then you have to move on to the next step. you must have a high self-esteem before expecting anyone to love you.
3. Talk to lots of guys: Do not hide yourself inside your shell. You are about to meet new people and explore new things beyond your interests. It will boost-up your self-esteem if you talk to a lot of people.
4. Have as many friendly dates as humanly possible: In engaging friendly dates, you will know the personalities of these guys, and it would be fun because there are many to choose from.
5. Be attractive: Wear your modest clothes. Take care of your hygiene. Be respectful to yourself.
6. Know what you want in a spouse: What do you really want in a spouse? That is a key question here. And, how do you want your future spouse treat you? Would you like to be treated like a queen or a punching bag? Another key question, isn’t it?
7. Enter into courtship: This is an exclusive relationship that will prepare you for marriage. There should be love, responsibility, and commitment. In this stage, you should explore more time to get to know each other better. And, your relationship will be tested through the trials of fate. Perhaps changes of circumstances would occur.
8. Trust God and enjoy life: Becoming an attractive person, you have to work a lot on your character. If you do not find the one that is right for you, then you should enjoy your life more, explore and learn new skills. Marriage would not complete a man or a woman because we are already complete. To appreciate God is to be happy. Be grateful that we are humans and alive.

What is true love? In order to have a true love for the right person is you are willing to make a firm decision that you will choose to love him forever. Here is nother point on choosing the right man. Judge him by the measure of his committed love towards his parents, siblings, God, and himself. This is how he will love you in the future.

I remain your friend,
Bo Sanchez

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  1. John,

    I love this tip:

    Be attractive: Wear your modest clothes. Take care of your hygiene. Be respectful to yourself.

    Most girls nowadays think that in order to look good, they need to wear lesser clothings and coverings when in reality, they're only striping their souls with respect and taking away the opportunity to be respected. I don't think one needs to lower her standards just to find fleeting love. If a woman wants an eternal companion, she needs to be really worthy of such love through chaste thoughts and living.